Importing CAD model (*.sat/*.sat) in web viewer

Is there any way by which we can import CAD files (.sat/.sat) directly without converting to .scs file ?

How we can get the underlying CAD entity (EDGE/Face) from model tree or selection item to do CAD entity related operations?


if you want to display the imported CAD files using HOOPS Communicator you will have to convert them to .sc/.scs files first. However if you want to analyze the model (without viewing it) you can also import them into HOOPS Exchange directly (server-side). You then have full access to the product structure as well as all geometry and brep data on a granular level.

Using HOOPS Converter you can also generate an XML file (–output_xml_assemblytree) that includes all product structure information including attributes, etc. A lot of partners use this functionality to store CAD related metadata into their own database and connect that data to the entities in the SC model via unique identifiers.

However, if you are planning to perform CAD operations (e.g. booleans, etc) in the browser you would usually generate a SC model from you cad files and at the same time either a PRC file that you can then use to populate your server-side solid modeler with or load the CAD files directly into a solid modeler like ACIS or Parasolid on the server.

Let me know if that answers your question.



Thanks Guido, (2.7 KB)

I am new learner of hoops web communicator.
I want to try :

  • opening the CAD model into web viewer
  • Get the Acis entity (FACE/Edge) from selection callback.
    (From Node ID find actual Acis Entity)
  • Do any CAD operation like (Split Edge/ Facet / Find Topological connectivity).

I have gone through the help documentation but couldn’t find anything on this.

As you suggested I tried with
converting Simple CAD model into XML using converter, but xml file doesn’t have details about faces and edges,
How we can map this xml file with SCS file?

Am I Missing something ?

ps: PFA


It really all depends on what you are trying to do in the browser. When the ACIS file is converted to a SC model not all the data in the original CAD file is mantained, in particular only a subset of the geometry/brep information which is relevant to performing precise measurement (e.g. the length of aline, the diameter of a circle, etc) is written to the SC model and you are right, the full data is also not available via the XML file.

If you need more information out of the CAD file (e.g. the nurbs definition of a curve, etc) or need more detailed topolgogy information then you would have to pull this information out of the model on the server. One way to do this is to generate a PRC file that you would then load into HOOPS Exchange server-side to query the relevant information (either during conversion or interactively when loading the SC model into the viewer). You can find more information about this (fairly advanced) workflow here:

[HOOPS Exchange to StreamCache Mapping (Beta)]

I’m still curious to find out more about your application and what you are trying to build with the HOOPS Web Platform.

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