Show CAD file on webview

Hi Supporter
I want to integrate with techsoft3d but don’t know where to start. I have a CAD file get from an url
but in different format, not in scs, will the flow go like this

  • I make a request to communicator server with my file url
  • server will convert and send back me a stream file that can visualize on the UI
    thank you


we don’t provide a service for CAD conversion. Instead, HOOPS Communicator consists of executables and libraries for developers that allows you to integrate CAD conversion and viewing into your own web-application.

To convert and view a CAD file you typically would write a server that accepts uploaded CAD files and then kicks off either our converter executable or uses our libconverter libraries to convert the uploaded files to the Stream Cache format (scs or sc). Then you either use our streaming server to view those files or provide them to the client via your web-server directly.

For a tutorial on building your own conversion service with HOOPS Communicator you can go here:

I hope this helps