Viewing Solidworks Assemblies

How does one go about viewing a solidworks assembly in the web viewer. Whilst converting the solidworks sldasm to scs is possible, no real data is loaded in the viewer. I’m assuming this is the case since there’s no real CAD data (parts files) included within the sldasm file.

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the easiest way to view solidworks assemblies (or any other CAD model) with HOOPS Communicator after downloading the package would be to simply drag&drop the assembly file you want to view onto convert_file.bat (on windows) which is located in the quick_start directory of the installation. As long as the assembly file is in the same directory as all its associated subassembly and part files it should be converted and correctly displayed. As you mentioned if there are no associated part files present you will in most cases only see the model structure in the viewer but no visible geometry.

Please see the link below for more infomation.

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