HOOPS Exchange: Improve performance for large models

There is a trend of CAD and BIM models increasing in size and complexity, which impacts the time it takes to load these models and the memory they require. We want to understand if you require a significant improvement in handling large data sets. In order to support you, we’d love to know if you anticipate needing additional support in this area in the next 1-3 years.

If you are interested in performance enhancements to HOOPS Exchange to support very large models better, please vote for this feature and provide additional details in the comments.

We too see that customers are working with increasingly large models. We encounter the need to be able to handle these smoothly and allow use of our product even in these scenarios.

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Every time we improve handling of large models our customers try even bigger ones!
Currently Navisworks and IFC files are the most common challenging ones.

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Thanks for sharing Tim! I think it’s one of those things that will constantly become bigger and bigger over time as capabilities improve.