HOOPS Exchange 2023 SP1 Revit Improvements

Hey everyone! I wanted to share an exciting improvement we made to the Revit reader a few weeks ago. As you know, Revit is a popular BIM design and review solution. We’ve taken the time to tackle a couple of different things.

The improvements will be pushed out in HOOPS 2023 SP1. Here is a list of some of what you will see in these Revit updates.

Improved Management of LOD

We have improved the management of LOD, specifically when loading the active 3D view of Revit. The pre-defined Level of Detail will be the same as it is in Revit, which has several benefits. Reducing details gives you faster loading times, improved rendering performance (due to fewer triangles), and lighter models in exported files and stream cache. This is particularly valuable for large building models.

Mass objects: Management of color and transparency

For this improvement, you will be able to see colors and transparency as they are in Revit. For example, if you have a pool with water, you should be able to see a clear view through the water just like you would in Revit.

Light Sources & Work plane Grids

The light sources have been improved. We’ve also made improvements for other elements such as “work plane grids” and “glass panels.”

We’d love to hear about more improvements you’d like to see, or how you feel about these upcoming improvements. Please let us know in the comments below.