How to compute intersections between NURBS and lines

Hi, I have an application where I need to find the intersections between a ray and a NURBS surface. How do I compute that.


Hi Qiaodong, to make sure we give you the best answer, are you looking to compute intersections between several different geometry with-in the model and a NURBS Surface or a ray outside of the geometry that returns all NURBS surfaces that intersect with that ray?

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Thanks for replying. Ideally I want to raycast a Brep model that could contain NURBS surfaces, and find all intersections of the ray with the Brep model. Raycasting a triangle mesh is easy, but Iā€™m not sure if HPS can handle ray intersections with Brep like NURBS.

Hi QCui, in Visualize, our cross platform 3d visualization SDK has a way to check for selection on different parts of model effectively casting a ray through the model and returning a list of things it intersects with, but does not provide for direct high performance NURBS surface ray casting.

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