How to draw a line composed of arrows?

I can use the shape class to draw a polyline and set arrows for it, but I want to draw a line entirely composed of arrows. Can Hoops Communicator implement this?

Hello @619944680.

As you had noted, the Markup.Shape class has arrows as endpoints but not as the line itself. Communicator does not have this functionality out of the box.

Perhaps one possibility is to create mesh instances in the shape of an arrowhead/chevron and then insert them in the scene. I did some general research and was able to find an example of creating basic shapes and lining the shapes between two known points. Again, this example is just a GENERAL starting point to better understand the steps involved that you can further pursue if you wish to do so.
Arrowhead.html (2.2 KB)


Thanks,Tino!This is very useful to me.