How-to: Use setSelectionFilter

Language: JavaScript

The method setSelectionFilter is useful for leveraging the selection operation to get list of selected nodes and then being able to apply functions from the Model class.

Below is a very rudimentary example where the function sets the visibility to off for selected nodes with even-numbered node ids. To best illustrate the function, use the area selection operator to select multiple model nodes

function mySelectionFilter(node, model) {
	if (node%2 == 0) {
		//console.log("nodeid: " + node);
		model.setNodesVisibility([node], false);	

var sm = hwv.selectionManager;

It’s worth noting that a selection operation is not actually made when using setSelectionFilter. To check, run the following:


Notice the returned array is empty. To get back to the original behavior of the selection operator, call: