How-To: Using the HOOPS 3D Part Viewer

The HOOPS 3D Part Viewer (3DPV) is a Windows MFC application built on top of the HOOPS/3dGS and HOOPS/MVO components. Use the 3D Part Viewer which you can build as a sample application, for troubleshooting and creating reproducible testcases for support (i.e. independent of your application code).

The 3DPV has a CSolidHoopsView class (cf. CSolidHoopsView.cpp) where m_pHView is a member. This is a pointer to an HBaseView object (cf. HOOPS/MVO Technical Overview — HOOPS Visualize 3DF Documentation 2022.0.0 documentation ).

The CSolidHoopsView class has methods call OnExtraSlotN where N = {1,2,3,4,5}. The code I provided uses this mechanism.

void CSolidHoopsView::OnExtraSlot1()

When using the 3DPV, you can choose “Slot N” from the DEBUG menu to execute this code.

The linked documentation provides many details not duplicated here.

:blue_book: Instructions

  1. Open the Visual Studio solution called samples_vXXX.sln (where XXX is the platform version).
  2. Open the CSolidHoopsView.cpp source code
  3. Add your code to one of the “ExtraSlot” methods
  4. Build and run the 3DPV
  5. Optionally choose Tools, Options to modify the default settings (driver, rendering and performance options, etc.)
  6. Load a model
  7. Choose DEBUG, Slot n to run your code.