Modifying CAD model to decompose features?


I am new to HOOPS. I have a followed a virtual training, HOOPS Native Platform - Introduction to Desktop Graphics, and was able to successfully build and import the CAD model.

I am trying to modify the imported geometry. For example, decomposing/separating the cubes as attached.

Could you please help me with this? and also suggest relevant tutorials/documentations for modification of imported models.

Hello @kahmed! First off welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

To clarify your question, are you simply trying to move the models or are you trying to do a boolean operation? If you just need to move the models around, you can use the handle operator to interactively move geometry (HOOPS Visualize HPS Documentation), or you can manually change the matrices on the segment.

If you want to do a boolean operation, then you’d need a solid modeler, like Parasolid (Parasolid Geometric Modeling | Tech Soft 3D).

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Hi @kahmed ,

I wanted to follow up and add a bit more information to what Gabe provided above. As he mentions, the answer to this question really depends on the model and how it was imported. It sounds like you imported a CAD model via HOOPS Exchange using the HPS-Exchange Sprocket.

If that is the case, your model could be composed of two bodies or a single body with two lumps. In the first case, the sprocket would have arranged your scene graph so that you can enable the handle operator as Gabe mentions. This would allow you to easily transform the individual “features” that you mentioned above. That is the first thing I would try. Gabe linked you to the operator to use, but you may want to review the programming guide on operators so you understand how they work and how to use them. Another option would be to watch our virtual training video on operators in HOOPS Visualize.

If you have a single body, then you would be getting into BREP modelling, and you can use Parasolid (which you can evaluate from us), and enable the Exchange-Parasolid Sprocket. This would allow you to import the file into Parasolid, perform modelling operations using the Parasolid API, and then update your HOOPS Visualize scene.



Thank you very much, Gabe and Rob! Your feedback is indeed very helpful.

I have a quick follow up request, as pointed by Rob, I am looking into BREP modelling, as if I have a single body/part (not assembly), and I am trying to decompose the the body into its sub volumes/features as shown in the above cube picture. I have started looking into the Exchange-Parasolid Sprocket and would really appreciate if you could refer me to tutorials/documentations that deal with Boolean Functionality of Parasolid Geometric Modelling as in interms of using API.

I would be very grateful to you for all your help and time.

Hi @kahmed ,

Parasolid is not part of our self guided evaluation and the documentation for Parasolid is delivered with the package. I see you have reached out to see about getting started with a Parasolid evaluation. I will talk with one of our Partner Development Managers to see about getting you access to Parasolid and then will reach out to you directly. Thanks for the interest in our software!


Yes, I have reached out for an access.
That would be great! Thank you very much, Rob.