Need recommendations for most suitable 3D software according to my needs

I need a recommendation for a 3d application for sculptural artistic projects aimed at 3d printing.
The manner in which I work is to create pretty straight and smooth tubular shapes (full tube – not hollow. Not a pipe) which I then proceed to manipulate by twisting into intricate contortions. (Please see illustration attached – I start with state 1 and proceed to state 2)
This method of work could be compared to the reshaping of a round section iron bar with heat.
So what I am aiming it is a 3D software that would make it most intuitive and natural and easy for me to reshape and bend and twist those straight shape just like one would bend an a round sectioned metal bar.
Thank you for you time and attention!

Hello @brksob -

Are you trying to create 3D artistic projects yourself or are you looking to create a software that does this?

We provide SDKs for 3D software, so we work on the back-end of things. Essentially we are software behind the software, so this might not be the best place if you’re looking for end-user software.

I feel like if what you’re looking for is end-user software, Blender is a great option. You can do anything in there: sculpting, re-meshing, etc. and it’s perfect for artistic projects and it’s a cost effective option for many since it’s free. If you’re looking for something just for easy sculpting, Zbrush is great, but it is costly and you’d have to go in and re-mesh things for a 3D print. It’s been awhile since I’ve used it and I’ve heard the re-meshing is a lot easier now.