Profiling viewer rendering performance


I’d like to profile our application to better understand its performance and limitations. Unfortunately, the statistics offered by Communicator are not sufficient and I would need more detailed information on rendering times, fragment/vertex shaders computation times, memories, etc.

Do you know of a viewer profiling tool that works with Hoops? The main objective is to define potential bottlenecks in the rendering process for our application.

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No answer on this subject.

I tried to use WebGL Inspector extension but Hoops throws errors when it’s enabled.

Does anyone have an idea or tips to profile the rendering ?

Hello @leo.rousseau,

Just wanted to mention a few items…

On the WebGL side of things, you might want to take a look at Spector.js which is available as a Chrome extension. The UI isn’t the most intuitive but it will provide information which you might find helpful:

Also, Chrome has a built-in performance panel. I’m sure Firefox has a similar feature as well.

Lastly, your cloud solution provider might also have developer/performance tools to better gauge the performance of the hosted application.

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