Smart Blocks Placement don't work in OEM 2024 Products

AutoPlacement feature don’t work in OEM 2024 based products.
There are some missing dependencies in OemStamp.xml ([InstallDir]\Toolkit\OemStamp.xml)

    <ModuleDependency ModKey="ACBLOCKPLACE_CRX">
      <DepModKey ModKey="OPENCV_CORE_DLL" /> -> Missing
      <DepModKey ModKey="OPENCV_IMGCODECS_DLL" /> -> Missing
      <DepModKey ModKey="OPENCV_IMPPROC_DLL" /> -> Missing
      <DepModKey ModKey="ACBLOCKPLACERES_DLL" />

If you have found this problem simply copy the following files to the root folder of your OEM product:

  • opencv_core453.dll
  • opencv_imgcodecs453.dll
  • opencv_imgproc453.dll
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Thanks for sharing!
Shawn Golden

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Thanks so much for this Nicola. I’m sure others will find it very helpful. :slight_smile: