Smart Blocks Placement don't work in OEM 2024 Products

AutoPlacement feature don’t work in OEM 2024 based products.
There are some missing dependencies in OemStamp.xml ([InstallDir]\Toolkit\OemStamp.xml)

    <ModuleDependency ModKey="ACBLOCKPLACE_CRX">
      <DepModKey ModKey="OPENCV_CORE_DLL" /> -> Missing
      <DepModKey ModKey="OPENCV_IMGCODECS_DLL" /> -> Missing
      <DepModKey ModKey="OPENCV_IMPPROC_DLL" /> -> Missing
      <DepModKey ModKey="ACBLOCKPLACERES_DLL" />

If you have found this problem simply copy the following files to the root folder of your OEM product:

  • opencv_core453.dll
  • opencv_imgcodecs453.dll
  • opencv_imgproc453.dll
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Thanks for sharing!
Shawn Golden

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Thanks so much for this Nicola. I’m sure others will find it very helpful. :slight_smile:

Here’s a new version of the OemStamp.xml file from Autodesk that will solve the issue.
Replace the existing file in the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD OEM 2024 - English\Toolkit folder with the one in (95.4 KB)
and it should work.

Thanks. We had to modify the OEMStamp.xml file ourselves so this will be good to compare with.
Here is the error that you will run into without those files:

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