Some questions about textture

When using the setNodesTexture method, I encountered the following issues:
1.When set node textture,strange cross sections appear in the model,but this doesn’t always happen

2.I only saw colors on the node, but I used an image.I uploaded the models and images I used about this. (2.9 MB)

3.I used a gradient image to set node textture, but I can see that there are divisions on the node.


The following is some of the code I used. The loadImage method is not written here, and this method returns an imageId:

loadImage(imgUrl).then(function (imageId) {
  imageId && hwv.getModel().setNodesTexture([nodeid], {
    imageId: imageId,
    tiling: Communicator.TextureTiling.Repeat,

Regarding the above question, I wonder if it may be caused by incorrect mesh data, but I am not sure. I hope to get your answer.

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You definitely have to make sure that the mesh you are applying the texture to has correct texture coordinates. That will generally not be the case for IFC models but from the last image, it looks like you did get some result with your data.

I’m not sure what is causing the weird artifacts in the first image, this looks like a bug. Is it possible for you to provide more information (model you used, code to apply texture, etc).

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