Stream service loading

When the render flow service is loaded and the model is selected for rotation, the model will appear blurred. After a few seconds, it will be clear again. How can I make it clear all the time?

Here’s a comparison chart

I think you are referring to our server-side renderering here. You can control the quality of both the image that is rendered during interaction as well as the final image with this function:

Its not mentioned in the documentation but JPEG quality goes from 0 to 100.

So in order to have the highest SSR quality that is the same during interaction and for the final image, you would call the function like this:


Of course, this means that the image stream will consume much more bandwidth and might get choppy depending on the users internet connection. At least you should probably turn up the jpeg compression. It also probably makes sense to expose some UI that allows the user to change those settings in your application.

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Thanks for your reply, this really solved my problem

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