Using server side rendering but the viewer show nothing

I test server side rendering, the websocket return server messages, but model viewer is black and nothing show.

Graphics card configuration:
Navida Tesla V100-SXM2-16GB
OraylddDriver Device

Hello @slfeng612,

The issue could be a mismatch between the graphics card and the driver installed. If you are running an NVIDIA Tesla GPU, we would expect the device driver to be NVIDIA not OraylddDriver. Can you please confirm that the correct driver is installed on your machine?


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The NVIDIA driver is installed. I set OrayIdDriver disable, but the server side rendering still return: model: “empty”


May I know if using server side rendering, are there any special requirements for Graphics card and graphics card driver.
Sorry, my hardware knowledge is poor, the expression may not be very accurate. Hope you can unserstand me.


Maybe we can do a quick test to ensure that the GPU and driver setup is running correctly. To do that, we can run a popular graphics test that is available on this webpage:

On the left-hand side, there is an options menu that allows you to choose the number of models to render in the viewport (from 1 to 30000). When running this test on your machine, what is the highest number that achieves ~30 frames per second?

The highest frames is 15 per second. Maybe the driver’s problem, but how to correctly steup the driver? I down the corresponding driver from NVIDIA official website then installing,and you can see the screenshot in my last response msg, the GPU version is same with driver version, only one GPU is Tesla V100-SXM2,

I found that using Communicator 23.1.0 version is available to SSR. My test version is 22.2.
So is it a compatibility issues ?

In your tests, which value did you choose (1 through 30000) on the menu that yielded 15 frames per second?

In the NVIDIA driver download page, this is what I selected:

And this is the result:

Based on the screenshot you provided, the driver versions are different (v537.70 versus v528.89).

Also, I don’t think there is a compatibility issue between Communicator v23.X.x AND v22.X.x.

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