Ubuntu 22.04 , what is the required packages for HC

The documentation below says about ubuntu 14.04( released at 2014-04-17).

Above documentation says below required packages.
#install required packages
sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg mesa-utils libgl1-mesa-glx libglu1-mesa build-essential unzip xinit

Please guide the required packages for Ubuntu 22.04 server edition( converter and Stream cache server).

Hello @hskwon,

I will notifiy our Documentation team to update the respective build instructions for Linux.

In the interim, are you getting specific errors on missing packages that you have not been able to resolve?


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Hello tino.
Thanks for your response.

My environment is intra networking. And my GPU server (ubuntu 22.04) has no internet connection.
So I can not update ubuntu package by appt-get install command.

I will
step 1. Download the Deb files in the internet environment.
step 2. Send the Deb files via putty.
step 3. And setup gpu server for stream cache server. (providing CSR and SSR)

In step 1, I want to find the necessary deb files.

So I asked the required packages for ubuntu 22.04.

Additionally, is the “build-essential” package needed for CSR or SSR?

Hello @hskwon,

For running CSR or SSR sessions in the Web Viewer component, you do not need build-essential.

As part of Communicator, there is also the Authoring component. And there are a number of Linux examples that you will need to compile as mentioned in our docs.



Thanks for your helping.

  1. I installed all deb files for HC, except build-essential.
  2. It looks like HC Viewer is good.

But, when I converted ifc file, the converter is trying to make a PNG file.
And some error occurred. The converter said to me:

INFO: Saving PNG: /home/…/user/images/{file_name}. png
" Segmentation fault (core dumped)"

I searched the error in the documentation.

I installed “xvfb” and “libsdl1.2-dev”.

But the same error is occurred.

Hello @hskwon,

Just to quickly confirm, in addition to installing xvfb and libsdl1.2-dev, did you also modify your commands according to this template:

/usr/bin/xvfb-run "--auto-servernum" "-s" "-screen 0 640x480x24" /path/to/hoops/converter --license_file
"/path/to/communicator_license.txt" --input "/path/to/input.file" --output_png "/path/to/output.png"


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