When I select a line or a face, how to match the line and face of the original mesh data one by one?

When I create a mesh object using the interface, how do I get which segment of the mesh object is in the mesh object when I click on one of the segments?
For example, in this project demonstration, if a variable is selected for chamfering, how can we identify which edge corresponds to the original modeled feature?

Dear Rui.Zhang03,

I’m Toshiaki Kawabata, a consulting engineer of TS3D.

In the Cloud-modeler demo, I’m creating a mapping object when creating faces and edges meshes.
obj = {
nodeId: xxx (HC mesh instance node ID),
edgeId: yyy (Parasolid entity ID)

Each Parasolid face and edge entity has unique entity ID.
Each Parasolid entity is converted to individual face or line mesh instance.
When creating a mesh instance, the Model.createMeshInctance() API returns created mesh instance node ID.
Then Parasolid entity ID and HC mesh instance node ID can be mapped.

And then, if a node instance is selected in the HC Web Viewer, I can get the original Parasolid entity ID searching the mapping object array and invoke chamfering in Parasolid.

Please let know if you have any question.

Best regards,