When using handles to pan or rotate node, the node disappears

When I use handles to pan or rotate a node , the node disappears. I checked the center point of the node after its disappearance, which is 20000 meters away from the original center point.

For example, the X value of the original center point is 78, and the X value after translating a point is 14484.


What may be the reason?


is this behavior reproducible in our standard webviewer?

This behavior does not producible in our standard webviewer,It happened in the method I repackaged.
I haven’t found any possible reasons for this behavior.
So I would like to seek your help and see what reasons may cause a significant amount of translation or rotation


The issue might be that your implementation is not taking into account the net node matrix of the selected item:

We have a short example of adding a handles operator that might prove useful as a reference guide:

One quick note: we are currently updating the link on the handles operator to properly show the video. At this time, it’s not available for playback.


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I rechecked my code,It’s my implementation is not taking into account the net node matrix of the selected item.
Now the problem is solved.
Thanks,Tino :grinning:

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