About Revit to GLTF


  1. I successfully converted the Revit file to GLTF by referring to the ImportExport.cpp. However, like the name property of Revit is stored in the name of GLTF, can I enter another value arbitrarily when exporting GLTF?

  2. I wanted to simplify the geometry and ran the A3DSimplifyModelFileWithAnalytics function, but the result file size is the same before and after execution. Does it not work in revit or GLTF?

Thank you

Hi @netmagic,

  1. I’m not exactly sure which property you would like to change. Can you maybe export your Revit file to XML using the PRC2XML sample and then share the XML with me and tell me which values you are looking to change? That will help me better answer you question.

  2. We only currently read the tessellation from Revit and GLTF is a purely tessellated format. the function A3DSimplifyModelFileWithAnalytics function works on BRep data, so won’t actually change anything in the PRC once you import from Revit.

You can read more about what we support in Revit here: Revit Reader — HOOPS Exchange 2023 Documentation


What I want to do is change the node name of GLTF to the value I want.
For example, is there a way to put the m_asSingleAttributesData/IfcGUID in the node name of GLTF?
Or is there a way to put the value I want in the extras property of GLTF?

Thank you