Some attributes of the Revit model may have garbled characters

In the Revit model, there is a property called Other/Family and Type and Mechanical/System Type
, and the property values obtained through the getNodeProperties method are all garbled. There may be other attributes with such issues.What is the possible reason for this?

Looking forward to your answer.

Hello @619944680,

The issue might be due to a particular font that Communicator cannot locate. Perhaps as a quick check and comparison, are you able to load the file in Revit and confirm the expected rendering of the text in question?


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Hello, @tino,

Yes,I load the file in Revit and confirm the expected values property.
The reason is that some attribute values in the Revit model are built-in objects of Revit, rather than a string.For example, as mentioned above, Other/Family and Type and Mechanical/System Type.Hoops directly reads objects as property values, which are usually strings.
But I also noticed that Hoops can correctly read the attribute values of some built-in Revit objects, such as Phasing/Phase Created and Mechanical/Pipe Segment.
So perhaps Hoops doesn’t have a preset way to read certain built-in Revit objects?But this is just my guess, I hope to hear your opinion.


Based on the information you’ve provided, it’s very possible the Communicator/Exchange does not fully support the Revit attributes in question. In that regard, it would be helpful for our engineering team to take a closer look at the source Revit file. If you are open to sending that to us, we can exchange correspondences outside the forum.


Unfortunately, some of the models I am using require confidentiality, but I can provide you with some of the garbled attribute names that I have discovered.
For example,Other/Family and Type,Mechanical/System Type,Mechanical/Schedule/Type,Structural/Rebar Cover - Bottom Face,Structural/Rebar Cover -Other Faces,Structural/Rebar Cover - Top Face.I hope this can be useful.