How to preserve the texture during model conversion?

I want to get a textured model.
But texture conversion using input_texture_directories parameters is invalid

It would be useful if you could provide us with a sample model or at least tell us the format you are trying to convert.

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Here is the model and the textture. (6.6 MB)


We have looked at this file and there seem to be a few issues.

  1. The name of the png you provided does not correspond to the associated texture in revit. See image below:

  2. The other problem is that the image seems to be referenced with an absolute path. Currently if an absolute path is specified for the image in Revit, the texture needs to be in the same location when converting the model via HOOPS Communicator, meaning in this case you need to have the texture on your c: drive like this:
    There are plans to improve this behavior in the future so that HOOPS Communicator will try to match an image by name only if its not in the absolute path specified, but that is not done.

Can you try using a relative path for the image in Revit? In that case it should work as long as you specify the texture directory correctly and the name of the png is accurate.

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