Aras Hoops Converter - any known problem with VMware tools?

I believe the Aras PLM system sources its “Hoops Converter” from techsoft 3D?

we’ve run into a difficult challenge where the “conversion server” component of aras - a component that uses the Hoops Converter - has stopped working properly. After weeks of troubleshooting and experimentation, it appears that the problem was resolved by updating the version of vmware tools on the winserver2016 vm from 11.2.5 to 11.3.6.
unrelated to hoops, we were previously aware that our solidworks installs were failing because of an openGL problem with 11.2.5 and the problem was resolved with the 11.3.6 update - perhaps Hoops is also affected by this opengl issue and is resolved in vmware tools 11.3.6 as well?

Hi Barry,

I can tell you that we have recently fixed an issue with VMWare in HOOPS Communicator (which HOOPS Converter is part of) but I don’t know if/when this will be rolled out in Aras Innovator.

My suggestion would be to go through Aras support on those issues.