Converter sample fail on remote ssh

I’m trying to convert various files using hoop converter.
In my ubuntu desktop terminal, It works well.
But on remote ssh, It doesn’t work.

You can easily reproduce this situation by running converter
Please check “HOOPS_Communicator_2020/authoring/converter/example/” on remote ssh.
(In ubuntu desktop terminal, it works well)

And I attached my log on remote ssh.
Thank you for your help.

[01/15/2021 20-43-57-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:119MB]INFO: HOOPS Converter v8.0 - SC v68 Build e0da558
[01/15/2021 20-43-57-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:120MB]INFO: Component initialization
[01/15/2021 20-43-57-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:120MB]INFO: Initializing HPS::World
[01/15/2021 20-43-57-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:240MB]INFO: Initializing Exchange
[01/15/2021 20-43-58-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:993MB]INFO: Initializing HPS
[01/15/2021 20-43-58-000 D:1000 PID:18262 M:993MB]INFO: Component initialization done
[01/15/2021 20-43-58-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:993MB]INFO: Loading turbine.hsf
[01/15/2021 20-43-58-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:1066MB]INFO: Loading turbine.hsf done
[01/15/2021 20-43-58-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:1066MB]INFO: Exporting
[01/15/2021 20-43-58-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:1066MB]INFO: Saving SC Model: /home/bimize/bimize/HOOPS/HOOPS_Communicator_2020/authoring/converter/example/output/turbine
[01/15/2021 20-43-59-000 D:0 PID:18262 M:1076MB]ERROR 1: Failed to write SC files: Attempted to use a deleted, uninitialized, or otherwise invalid object.
[01/15/2021 20-43-59-000 D:1000 PID:18262 M:1076MB]INFO: Saving SC Model done: /home/bimize/bimize/HOOPS/HOOPS_Communicator_2020/authoring/converter/example/output/turbine
[01/15/2021 20-43-59-000 D:1000 PID:18262 M:1076MB]INFO: Exporting done
[01/15/2021 20-43-59-000 D:2000 PID:18262 M:788MB]INFO: Exiting: Conversion successful

I am having the same issue on Centos 8, I installed an AWS EC2 Image of Centos 8 (4GB RAM) with the linux package of Hoops Communicator and the converted is giving me this error, the same file works fine on Windows.

[01/18/2021 02-01-15-000 D:0 PID:78348 M:1826MB]ERROR 1: Attempted to use a deleted, uninitialized, or otherwise invalid object.

This is likely due to the fact you are on a headless server with no rendering context. Your Ubuntu desktop has a windowing system, which is where converter is creating the off screen rendering window. Can you confirm the machine you are connecting to over ssh has a windowing system or an X Server or XVFB installed? If not, you can still use the machine for conversion, just not for HSF output or creating PNGs.

My desktop Ubuntu PC has a monitor. Hoops converter works well on direct desktop environment. But it doesn’t work on remote ssh environment.

After your reply, I found a documentation - Overview.
So I tried to execute with xvfb on remote ssh environment.

/usr/bin/xvfb-run “–auto-servernum” “-s” “-screen 0 640x480x24” ./

It works well. No error message.
Thank you for your reply. It was a hint for me.

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I’m glad I could help. XVFB is a virtual framebuffer X server, which allows you to render on machines with no rendering context such as your remote server. You can read more about it here:

I’m glad you are up and running. Don’t hesitate to post with further questions.


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