Running HOOPS Communicator Converter command in Docker error

Hi there,
I am trying to convert sample .asm file to .scs and .png using communicator-converter in docker (sources: Bitbucket, and the documentation).

The docker image is successfully built on EC2 instance, but I am getting error while running the docker image.
I have attached the error below.

I have found the same issue in the techsoft3d forum, but the provided solution is not working for me.
As I have all the required libraries in the bin/linux_x64 folder.

Command run:

docker run \
    --rm \
    --mount type=bind,source=./inputfiles/Moto,target=/opt/ts3d/cadfiles \
    --mount type=bind,source=./outputfiles,target=/opt/ts3d/output \
    techsoft3d/communicator-converter \
        --input /opt/ts3d/cadfiles/_MOTO_X.asm \
        --output_sc /opt/ts3d/output/moto.scs \
        --output_png /opt/ts3d/output/moto.png \

Console output error:

[04/23/2024 11-02-45-000 D:140728477 PID:24 M:129MB]INFO: HOOPS Converter v24.2 - SC v74 Build df07d9d
	[04/23/2024 11-02-45-000 D:0 PID:24 M:129MB]INFO: Component initialization
		[04/23/2024 11-02-45-000 D:140728477 PID:24 M:129MB]INFO: Initializing HPS::World
		[04/23/2024 11-02-45-000 D:140728477 PID:24 M:268MB]INFO: Initializing Exchange
[04/23/2024 11-02-45-000 D:0 PID:24 M:417MB]ERROR 0: Failed to load the Exchange SDK
[04/23/2024 11-02-45-000 D:0 PID:24 M:417MB]ERROR 1: Component initialization failure
	[04/23/2024 11-02-45-000 D:391 PID:24 M:377MB]INFO: Exiting: Conversion failed

Thanks in advance.

Hello @alex,

First off, welcome to the Forum!

Please review this post:

The error that you are getting ERROR 0: Failed to load the Exchange SDK is likely to due a missing library. The aforementioned link above includes downloading a Dockerfile (contained in a zip) which sets up the library path.


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Hello Tino,

Thank you for your quick assistance.

I have followed the provided instructions, built the Docker image, and successfully converted some DWG files.

Thanks again for your support!

Best regards,