AutoCAD 2023 OEM - Edge Webview issue

Hi All,

Perhaps some could help we get this when starting up our built oem product


This looks like a file/folder access issue that can happen on Windows 10 even though you as a user have admin privileges.
You have changed the default build location to be a sub-subdirectory to ‘Program Files’ which is not an ideal location.
Do you get the same error if you keep the MakeWizard default location: C:\Users\Default\Documents\AutoCAD OEM 2023\build? This is much preferred over having a ‘Program Files’ sub structure.
If you do get the error for the default location, can you also try a sub folder of your local user ‘Documents’ location - that should definitely allow you to generate the WebView content. Then you need to go over the file/folder write access properties for C:\Users\Default\Documents\AutoCAD OEM 2023\build to allow for proper creation of the WebView content so you can stick with the defaults.

Thanks it resolves the issue it’s definitely file access