AxisTriad() Positioning

Hello all,

I have a question about “communicator.webviewer.view.GetAxisTriad()”. When using “.setAnchor(2)” to put in the bottom right corner, looks like when camera moves the axis looks rotates a bit off screen.

Is there a way to set where I want the axis without “setAnchor()” or would I have to use a separate x,y,z axis for better control?

Hello @michael.a.lara,

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As a quick check, when I run:

…I don’t notice the triad moving offscreen – so it stays within the bounds of the canvas when manipulating the camera:

As far as setting the position of the AxisTriad, it is limited to the nine sections specified in the OverlayAnchor enum.


Hi @tino ,

here you can see it moves off page, guessing it could have something due to the sizing?


I’ve tried resizing the window and I’m not able to get the taskbar to occlude the Web Viewer canvas similar to your pic. If I set the taskbar to automatically hide and thus lose some bottom “padding”, then a very small part of the cylindrical arrows is occluded by the taskbar. But not to the extent as in your pic. In all my tests, the window in question is in “snapped” mode.

Are you using a monitor in portrait view? Also, you had specifically mentioned using LowerRightCorner for the location of the AxisTriad. Are you getting the same issue when using LowerLeftCorner?


@tino No my monitor is in Landscape and same issue in the LowerLeftCorner

I do have a Portrait monitor I tested, that’s only time the axis does not go off screen

The issue could be that the viewer container is larger than the size of the monitor. You should be able to confirm the size of the viewer container, for example using arbitrary values:

#my_viewer {
        width: 640px;
        height: 480px;
        position: relative;
		border: 2px solid black;

Using the border property should be able to quickly confirm an “oversized” viewer container.

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Thank you, changing the size of the container worked