BIM walk mode - does not support all stair object/geometry types

The BIM walk mode is a great functionality for moving around in a building. This works with object collision detection and walking in some stair objects like slabs etc.

The BIM walk does not support walking in stairs made by the stair tool in the ArchiCAD software. This is the common way of creating stairs in one of the most used CAD software.

As a feature request, I hope this can be added.


can you provide us with a sample file? Also do you know which IFC type the stairs in archicad are tagged with?

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Thanks for your reply. The stairs are tagged with IFCSTAIR. I have created a demo IFC file that you can try:

It looks like the stairs in this model are made up of IFCBuildingElementPart entities which is not recognized as one of the stair elements when it comes to determining collision in the walk operator.

We do have a function (registerBimNodes) that allows you to register additional ifc types to be taken into account for door/wall/floor collision. Based on that here is a code snippet that fixes the stair issue for this file at least:

We should probably look at the parent/related nodes as well when determining what should be considered stairs for the purpose of the walk functionality so feel free to submit this issue to our support system.

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Thanks Guido. That works great. As long as you have a function for it, there is no need to make a support issue.

The problem is that there might be other “IFCBuildingElementPart” entities in a model that are not part of the stairs which might cause some issues during walk so having a more “intelligent” way to determine stairs might still be useful. In any case, if this solution satisfies your needs there is no need to make a ticket.