Calculating CAD Model Volume and Creating Relative Stock in HOOPS Exchange Parasolid Integration


I am seeking assistance with two specific issues related to my project involving HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid integration:

1. Retrieving/Calculating CAD Model Volume:
I am currently working with the ExchangeParasolid sprocket as mentioned in this forum post. Despite reviewing this article on physical properties, I am unable to successfully retrieve or calculate the volume of the imported CAD models. Any advice or examples on how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

2. Creating Relative Stock Around CAD Model:
I aim to create a relative stock around the CAD model using the create solid function to generate rectangular or cylindrical stock, as demonstrated in the ExchangeParasolid sprocket environment in the previously mentioned forum post. Specifically, I need guidance on how to determine the dimensions of the stock to ensure it fully encompasses the CAD model, regardless of its geometry.

I would be very grateful for any guidance or sample codes you could provide or refer me to.

Thank you very much!