Color books are missing when using the color picker

The Problem

Just recently, a customer of ours made me aware of an issue with the color picker. He wanted to use the color books usually supplied with AutoCAD to pick a pantone color, just like here with a regular (German language) AutoCAD:


But when building the AutoCAD OEM application, the color books will be missing:


Make Wizard

The color book files have the extension *.acb and should be located in the folder

<oem build path>\support\color

But the folder is simply missing after running the OEM Make Wizard.
To remedy this, you have create this folder and to copy the color books into the folder.

The original color books can be found (for example) here:

Running the oem application after the file copy, the color books are found and can be used:


Installer Wizard

Unfortunatly, the added files to the folder

<oem build path>\support\color

do not show up in an actual installation on a client machine after the OEM Installer Wizard has run its magic.

One way to remedy this would be to add the *.acb to the installer msi, which is located in

<oem installer path>\x64\<oem app name>\<oem app name>.msi

But this is not so easy as it sounds.
Obviously, there need to be some more research to be done until this is settled.


When wanting to use the color books with the OEM product, you (or the user) need to copy the *.acb manually into the folder

<oem install path>\support\color\

to make it work.


Thanks so much for sharing Jens!

Very beneficial! Thanks for sharing.