Template file crashes Install Wizard OEM 2024

Hello Community,
I encountered a strange error in Install Wizard 2024 – using it to create installation for Project where at least one drawing template file should be copied into Template build destination, it crashes with “System.IndexOutOfRangeException: Index was outside the bounds of the array.” Error message.
Anybody else faced that?
Best regards, Miro

We have not run into that error. Where are you adding the file? Does it have a DGN extension? If you remove the file does the error go away? If you downloaded the file prior to adding it you may want to check and see if it is being blocked by Microsoft.

Shawn Golden

Hello, yes that is strange. This is my workflow:

1: Specifying simple drawing template in „Make Wizzard‘s Your modules“ tab with Build destination „Template“:

2: Build works and selected Template is placed where it should be.

3: Start “Install wizard” to build installation of created Build. Under “Drawing templates” are only DGN files, but I do not select any of them – in matter of fact, it makes no difference if any of settings changes. After starting build process, this error is thrown:

It happened on three different projects and two language builds, every time.

Best regards, Miro

We typically add Templates to the “AutoCAD OEM CD” path in the Installer Wizard. Like for OEM 2024 we would drop them in a folder here: C:\Autodesk\ACAD2024ENUS\x64\aoem\PF\Root\UserDataCache\Template

Once they are in there then they will show up in the Installer Wizard under “Drawing Templates” and then you just add them like you see in the picture here:
Sometimes after adding them to the CD location you have to restart the Installer Wizard but they should show up and then when you build they should automatically be put in the Default Template folder. You might try that instead of the through modules.

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