How-To : Activate my TechSoft3D Viewer(s)

This document described how to activate our different products:

HDV : HOOPS Demo Viewer

HPDV : HOOPS Parasolid Demo Viewer

HED : HOOPS Exchange Demo

Software download

As a reminder, our last available version(s) could be find following this link:


  1. Please firstly request your Serial Number (aka License Key) through our front desk.
  2. Our Support Department will send you your license information, related to your products.
  3. Once this information received, you will have to activate your product(s).
  4. Please report to the below document (1015.4 KB)

to activate Online or Offline your product(s).

Other processes (Deactivation, Transfer)

Please contact us by using our front desk, please always provide us with your Serial Number (also named License Key).