How to increase the model streaming speed

Are there any additional settings I can make on the server to increase the streaming speed of the model?
For example, increasing the CPU specs of the server… Or adjust the Hoops Server settings…

Increasing the server bandwith might help and higher cpu specs are also better of course but there is not much else that can be done to directly affect streaming speed without any changes to the streamed model itself. Obviously things like location of the server related to the client (e.g. the server is in asia and the client connects from the US) have a big impact.

The first thing to do is to determine the actual average throughput of the server to the client. On windows you can do this by simply looking at the Performance Tab of the Task Manager on the client machine. There you can determine the average Kbps for a given model. Streaming speed does vary between models and is generally slower for models that have a lot of small meshes (vs fewer larger ones).

You can then compare this kbps value to the theoretical optimal throughput of the server to the client which you can test by for example downloading a large zip file to the client. If the streaming throughput is significantly worse than this optimal throughput, it might be something for our developers to look at.

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