How to initialize CuttingPlane.Controller.StateMachine?

Need to initialize CuttingPlane.Controller.StateMachine to get past this exception when loading an scs model in Communicator 2023 SP1:

Unhandled exception in ‘modelSwitchStart’ callback: Error: CuttingPlane.Controller.StateMachine has not been initialized
at d.c [as _reducer] (web_viewer_ui.js:63:342)
at a.handle (hoops_web_viewer_monolithic.js:1591:140)
at modelSwitchStart (web_viewer_ui.js:67:328)
at a.unsafeTrigger (hoops_web_viewer_monolithic.js:214:156)
at a.trigger (hoops_web_viewer_monolithic.js:213:451)
at c. (hoops_web_viewer_monolithic.js:1138:195)
at a (hoops_web_viewer_monolithic.js:90:83)
at (hoops_web_viewer_monolithic.js:88:392)
at hoops_web_viewer_monolithic.js:88:291
at new ZoneAwarePromise (zone.js:1429:1)
a.unsafeTrigger @ hoops_web_viewer_monolithic.js:214

Can you provide us with the steps to reproduce this error in the webviewer?

Thanks for your immediate attention and apologies for my late response. Just calling the web viewer using some wrapper functions. Got this error out of nowhere middle of last week but can’t seem to replicate it now. Will get back in touch if I do.

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