How-to : Load SolidWorks Configurations

What are SolidWorks configurations ?

SolidWorks configurations are a very common way used to define multiple similar but slightly different parts (like screws with different sizes for example).

How to load a specific configuration ?

As you can notice on the screenshot below, the default configuration is checked with a green mark:

This is the one that will be imported if A3DRWParamsMultiEntriesData::m_bLoadDefault is set to true.

However, if you want to load another specific configuration instead, it’s also possible by specifying its name in A3DRWParamsMultiEntriesData::m_ppcEntries during the import.

This last option’s only able to accept a single configuration for SolidWorks files, so be sure to also set A3DRWParamsMultiEntriesData::m_uiEntriesSize to 1 and no more.

Also in case of Solidworks nested configurations, please notice that only the name of the desired configuration should be set since / cannot be part of configuration names.
For example, use m_ppcEntries = “foo2“ to select the second configuration in “foo1/foo2/foo3“

How to load all the available configurations ?

However, if you need to load several configurations, all can be imported at once by just enabling the A3DRWParamsSolidworksData::m_bLoadAllConfigsData option.

If some parts of an assembly are missing while reading all configurations, HOOPS will try to “repair” them with the tessellation available in the assembly head.
If no tessellation for the corresponding part is available in the .SLDASM file, then it will use the one from the default configuration instead.