How to reduce the size of the master build?

Our master build for OEM 2022 was 3.2 GB — starting with OEM 2024 we reached 4.6 GB.

We want to reduce the size of the end product to give the end user a faster download and installation experience.

I localised the largest files in the master build:

  • x64\IX\InventorInterop.adix (395 MB)
  • x64\spatialreference\spatialreference.adix (287 MB)
  • Content\ADSKMaterials\CM\MaterialLibrary4.adix (150 MB)
  • x64\dwgshared\realdwgshared.adix (148 MB)
  • Content\ADSKMaterials\ILB\BaseImageLibrary4.adix (70 MB)

The new ODIS Installer adds also a folder with nearly 1 GB of data which I suppose is necessary and could not be removed.

Is it possible to remove all or parts of the above-mentioned files (excluding the ODIS folder)? What is the best way to get rid of these files? We do not need materials nor Inventor interoperability for our product.

We would be intrigued to know this too. Our build went from 1.95GB using OEM 2021 in 2023 to 3.2GB when trying to use OEM 2024. There were a few other file size increases but by far the biggest bloat was OEM 2024.

Due to the fact, that we do not need any Inventor Interoperability, I tried to remove the Inventor related files from the setup. As a result of that, I could reduce the size of the installer by nearly one gigabyte.

After I finished the creation of the installer with OEM Installer Wizard I did the following steps:

  1. open file …[OEM App Name]\manifest\app.[OEM App Name].xml
  2. remove the following lines in section <packages>:
<Package installAs="essential" name="Inventor Interoperability 2024" external="true" path="x64/IX/pkg.invsvrinterop.xml" upi2="{[UID]}" upgradeCode="{[UID]}" />
 <Package installAs="essential" name="Autodesk Interoperability Engine Manager" external="true" path="x64/HIVE/pkg.hive.xml" upi2="{[UID]}" upgradeCode="{[UID]}" />
  1. delete folders:
  • [OEM App Name]\x64\dwgshared
  • [OEM App Name]\x64\HIVE
  • [OEM App Name]\x64\IX
  • [OEM App Name]\x64\spatialreference

Thank you Peter! This is very helpful :slight_smile:

Awesome, it is crazy how big it is getting now. On a side note, it also removed a file that was getting flagged as a false positive for when I create a self extracting zip file.

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This will remove VIEWBASE functionality from OEM so if users are dependent on it you will need to leave it. However, if it is not needed it is an excellent way of getting rid of 1 gig or more.
Shawn Golden

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