License key does not support HOOPS Communicator

I am currently evaluating HOOPs Communicator,
The file authoring\converter\example\sample.bat can run on Windows 10 OS.
but can not run on centos7 with zhe same lisence.
reported this error, “The supplied license key does not support HOOPS Communicator”.
Can someone help me with this problem? Thanks!

What version of CentOS are you running? We only support CentOS 6.9+

I change to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has zhe same problem

In the image you provided, I see something in your license key that seems incorrect:


Can you please check that you are using the proper license string? Also, you’ll probably want to make sure to use single quotes around your license string as it could contain a $ character which doesn’t play well on the command line.



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HI rtadlock ! Thank you for coming back. I know the problem. I used double quotes marks to cause the problem. Solved with single quotes marks


Thanks for following up and glad you were able to move forward.