PopOut Textbox Options


I want to create a popout callout feature on the 3D scene on that would help the user identify part information:

I was able to use TextBox

To Create this:

However, I am looking to add to the functionality and also display part information like so;


What would be my best option to display multiple values and bold Keys?

Hello @justin.larosa

One quick suggestion is to view one of the examples that is included in the quickstart module as part of the Communicator package. To view this example:

  1. Start the server by double-clicking start_server.bat found in HOOPS_Communicator_202Xxx\quick_start

  2. Once the server starts, click on the following URL:

The source code (.js, .ts) can be found in the directory HOOPS_Communicator_202Xx\web_viewer\examples\js\text_insertion

This particular example create a canvas element for the text. Out of the box, you will likely need to make changes to ctx.font to handle boldface font as well as modify ctx.fillText to handle multiline text (please see createTextCanvas(textSettings)).


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