Setting default hatch pattern in your OEM application

If the default hatch pattern (typically ANSI31) is not the one your users want, it’s easy to change it in settings as well as during BHATCH.

However, when you must do that for every new drawing created it soon becomes a nuisance.

Let’s say you want solid fill as default. When creating your AutoCAD OEM based application there are several ways to do this. Perhaps the two simplest and most reliable ways are either of these two:

  • In each relevant template (.dwt) file assign “SOLID” for HPNAME variable. Don’t forget to create your own versions of the standard template files with this setting:

  • If you want to make sure solid fill is the default pattern, regardless of template settings, add the S::STARTUP function to <your OEM host>doc.LSP/FAS:

This method is useful for any of the environment variables that are stored in the drawing rather than in the registry.