Silent Installation of AutoCAD OEM 2023 (tech changed from 2022)

It seems Autodesk changed the way the generated installer works.

Until version 2022 it generated a setup.exe which could be launched in “silent” mode.
In version 2023 the generated setup.exe does not react on any of the known commandline args. We were unable to get it running in “silent” mode.

The process also changed for AutoCAD 2023 and it seems that for silent installation, it is now required to create a deployment and use their new “Installer.exe” to run a “deploy” action which then runs in “silent” mode.

The deployment consists of an installation image (more or less what the OEM installation wizard creates) and a special Collection.xml which contains actions for “Installer.exe”. There are references to many different kinds of GUIDs.

If our observation is true that setup.exe cannot be used directly for “silent installation” then that’s a rather important point which I would’ve expected to be communicated. The impact on supporting tooling (setup + update tech), customer support processes, documentation is significant.

I could not find any references to this rather critical element of infrastructure in any of the related documents.

Did I miss something? Does anyone know about that?