The HOOPS Web Platform and Exploded Drawings

Date: Thursday, April 13th

Time: 15:00 - 16:00 CEST | 9:00 - 10:00 AM ET
Instructor: @florian , Consulting Engineer

The HOOPS Web Platform provides developers powerful tools for building web-based engineering applications including broad CAD & AEC data access and a dynamic graphics engine for viewing and interrogating data. In this course we’ll explore how to use the HOOPS Web Platform to generate Exploded-view Drawings and how you can automate the generation of such drawings including how to explode assemblies and parts, and generate annotations.

This training session will use references from a previous session on Advanced 3D Workflows which can be viewed here.

Here’s the recording from the event:

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Oh, I can’t see the videos on YouTube. Yet I just download the Web Platforms-SDK for a bit test of 3D modals shown on web. But when I was create a .hsf file with the Hoops converter and pick it to my IIS and rename it to .hwf, then the browser replied me an error:Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: jz hwf_import.js?v=5539700:85 is not defined at a._parseCompression (hwf_import.js?v=5539700:85:343)

the code near is : a.prototype._parseCompression = function() {
var a = this._data.subarray(this._currentBytePosition);
this._data = jz.zlib.decompress(a);
this._dataView = new DataView(this._data.buffer);
this._currentBytePosition = 0
It’s seems like missing the define of the class “jz” which can import the Zlib to compress or decompress.
Please can you give me help for this. Thank you.

@290362163 - I’m confused about what you’re trying to do. Changing the name of the HSF file would not make it into a readable HWF file.

I tried to convert my own 3D modals to the “hwf” models so it can be showing on web, but the converter seems only can out put the “hsf” or “scz|sci|scd” files. I want to test if the modals is my own that the web viewer can be display as well as the demos in the quick start folder.


generally you have to run your own models through converter, to convert them to our SC format (or other supported export formats). Make sure to follow the instructions here:

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