Convert hsf file to ifc file

I nkow now hoops only support for read ifc file. but i want to export ifc file how can i do. Many thanks

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i also want to know about this topic :smile:

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somebody help me to solve this issue :smile:

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Hey, @tien234 – as the original poster mentioned, there isn’t IFC export support for HOOPS Exchange at this time, though it’s on our public roadmap. Are you looking to just convert a file or are you working on a software development project where you need this functionality?


Hi Gabriel, we are developing a website that can view and edit 3D models through the HOOPS engine. Our customer needs to export the 3D models to IFC format to use for other work. so i want to convert hsf file from hoops to ifc file.

hi @gabriel.peragine do you have any recommences for this issue