What's your biggest development challenge?

Hello everyone!

To kick off the conversation, I’d like to hear a little bit about what projects you’re working on, or planning to work on and what some of your biggest hurdles have been.

I’m very excited to hear about your projects!


I am new to HOOPS. I have downloaded HOOPS native platform.
Can you help me in running it in VS 2019.
I am getting linker error.

Hello! I actually had a similar issue when setting up the HOOPS native platform. I had to take the following steps to fix it:

  1. Install C++ 2015 from the visual studio installer
  2. Download windows 8.1 SDK from the Microsoft developer website.

This should hopefully get you up and running!

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Thanks. I will try it.


C++ 2015 is already there.

Was this the error you were getting ?


About what I am doing:
I wish to learn HOOPS just for my hobby work. I have developed and continue developing computational electromagnetic codes. I want to add a GUI to this at some stage.
This is for my own personal use. Not for sale.


It looks like you aren’t able to link to our libs, most likely you didn’t specify them by name in the project properties | Linker | Input | Additional dependencies. You will probably want to include these library files: hps_core.lib, hps_sprk.lib, hps_sprk_ops.lib at a minimum. You’ll also want to tell the linker where to find the files in Project Properties | Linker | General | Additional Library Directories.

It also looks like you are building in 32bit. We only ship 64bit libraries in our evaluation. Please switch to building in 64bit.

It’s helpful to star with one of our predefined samples. You may find this tutorial helpful: HOOPS Native Platform Documentation

You may also want to review one of our sandbox projects that includes a user interface. We recommend opening /HOOPSNativePlatform/samples/visualize_v140.sln, don’t let VS 2019 upgrade, and then build and run the mfc_sandbox_v140 project.


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Yes that worked!.

Thank you