When will an "unkonwn opcode" exception occur and how to solve it?

I loaded a pipe model, it throw an exception with “unkown opcode”, I found it means ‘bad_data’, but I can’t position the reason, and another colleague can load it and not exception, it means there is no problem with the model data. So I want to know under what case the “unkown opcode” will appear and how to fix it ?
Another similar problem is “Failed to decompress data.”, I used sc model, it doesn’t compessed model, same question: under what case the “Failed to decompress data” will appear and how to fix it ?
Looking forward to the response! Thank you!

Hey there @slfeng612! Welcome to our forum. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you’re using HOOPS Communicator? I’m going to move your question to the HOOPS Communicator part of the forum so it has better visibility.

Can you share the pipe model? I’d like to see if we can re-create the issue.

Yar, HOOPS Communicator. And sorry, the model can’t share with you for Secret-related reason.
Can you provide some troubleshooting suggestions,like what case this problem occurs or what operations can cause it, so that I can orient the problem. Thank you!

Can you send us a screenshot of the error in the console?

Thanks for your following, I have solved this problem, service occupies some files, resulting in unsuccessful replacement, then “unkown opcode” throwing.

Glad to hear you could solve the problem. :slight_smile: