Where do I find more information for a fixed issue (SDHE-20979)

Hi folks,

The recent Hoops Exchange Patch 2024.4.0 caught my attention with the following update: SDHE-20979: Fixed issue from exporting from DWG to GLB

I would like to have more insights into this. What was the specific misbehavior/defect?

We also have some issues with exporting DWG (AC1032 - DWG AutoCAD 2018/2019/2020/2021/2022/2023/2024) to GLB.

Theoretically, I could retrieve the latest update and try it with our files, but some more details about the issue would be helpful upfront.


Hello Ron,
Thanks for reaching out.
In HOOPS Exchange 2024.4.0 we improved our DWG support for specific cases where “line elements with very large coordinates” were processed by our engine while softwares like AutoCAD and DWG True view were ignoring it. These elements were representing some kind of infinite lines in the file optionally related to PMIs. Although these lines are required in imported data structures, it can be ignored for visualization and perhaps for export purposes to formats like GLB where PMIs are irrelevant.
With 2024.4.0 release of HOOPS EXCHANGE, these type of elements are handled in a much improved way. It has increased visual quality and export to GLB in specific cases.

I hope this information is useful. Let us know if you need anything more in this regard.

Best Regards
Sumit Kulkarni
Product Owner - Data Exchange Solutions