After updatd to IOS 17.5, HoopsCommunicator can’t render any models

IOS 17.4 is working.


Hey @findtop,

I think we’ll need more context here to determine what’s going on. Do you have any files or screenshots you can share?

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I used Webview to load the 3D model, iPhone after updating to 17.5, the model couldn’t be rendered. This is the same problem to :

" For end-users, this only affects people using the Apple Metal ANGLE backend. " ,

but we used Webview in cellphone can’t use below method to solve this problem :

“You can navigate to chrome://flags (in any Chromium-based browser, confirmed in Edge as well), search for ANGLE and switch the backend to OpenGL to work around the issue in the near term.”

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Hello @findtop

We are aware of this issue and working on it’s resolution. I’ll update here when it’s resolved. Thanks for your patience.

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