Webviewer chrome browser compatibility or rendering issue

Web viewer (canvas ) is not rendering/drawing the view on below browser version. once i fallback to the older version it is working fine

Chrome Version 124.0.6367.62 (Official Build) (arm64) this is version installed

Mac OS Sonoma V14.4.1

I submitted this bug to Chromium, and they have confirmed it has existed since the Canary releases for 124.x. They will fix but are not rolling back the existing Metal backend because of it - for those as TS3D, they suggest a workaround to avoid the failure in shader compilation.


For end-users, this only affects people using the Apple Metal ANGLE backend. You can navigate to chrome://flags (in any Chromium-based browser, confirmed in Edge as well), search for ANGLE and switch the backend to OpenGL to work around the issue in the near term.

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A fix has been merged into Chrome’s Milestone 125 branch, the release dates for 125 can be found here: Chromium Dash


Thanks @patrickleckey for sharing!

We used webview can’t change the Chrome:/'flags , do you know how to fix this issue ? My iPhone after updating to 17.5 ,also has such a problem.

Hi @findtop - this issue was related to a bug in the core Chromium engine, which powers the Chrome browser. As you mention iPhone, it is likely your webview is using a WebKit engine, not Chromium, so this issue wouldn’t be related.