Can HOOPS converter convert Revit file directly?

I saw from the official documentation, Revit 2015~2021 are supported. But I try to convert a Revit file using the converter binary in the trial HOOPS Web Platform package but failed.
So, my question is how HOOPS support converting Revit file?
And will the 2D views in Revit file be supported soon?



Yes, we do support Revit. The HOOPS Web Platform package currently hosted on our website supports Revit 2015-2019. If possible, try saving it as a 2019 Revit file and use that.

We will update the HOOPS Web Platform to support 2015-2021 in early July. Usually, we support new versions of file formats within 90 days of their release. Unfortunately, our online installers haven’t been updated recently. I will email you a release build that supports Revit 2021 separately (the online installer just hasn’t been updated).

If your files continue to fail, please send me the file directly via email, and we will get it into our support system and figure out what’s failing.

We do not support 2D Revit views. It is on our backlog, and they may be supported in a 2022 release.