Creo Patterns not correctly Importing

Hi All,
I’m not a Creo user myself but am working with our clients data.
They have generated a pattern of bolts around a flange. When imported, the main(original I assume) bolt looks correct but the other 3 appear small in the Hoops demo viewer.

Has anyone else seen this happening? Not sure if its a bug in reading patterns or just the method of creating them in the first place that is causing the error.

It would be useful if you could provide us with the original CAD model (through our support portal) if you suspect this is an issue with HOOPS Exchange.

I assume that the login is different to the support portal as I can’t login. If it requires specific users adding , I will need to track down who in the company has a login for support.

I’ve tried to track down the required person with support login and unfortunately they have left the company. To access support to post the files and issues, I need a login and the support page doesn’t give the option to register etc. Where can I create a support account so that I can report the problem?

Hey @t.goodwin,

You have to get added to the portal by someone on our end since the support portal is mainly for partners. Let me see what I can figure out for you.

Thanks. All sorted with portal and reported.

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