Are there known issues of the demo?

  • Changing between different sheets in DWG files.
  • Microsoft Edge is not currently supported. Once Edge begins using the Chromium engine it will be.
  • Selecting all items of a sub-assembly in the 3D model causes some selection confusion with the model tree.
  • Adding redline views to models with PMI views fails
  • Hide all/show all from the model browser hamburger menu shouldn’t be exclusive, when you hide something, show all should be available
  • Uploading zip files not supported
  • Uploading assemblies in nested directories not supported
  • Firefox – can’t select from the model tree

What if I have a problem with the demo?

Please reach out to us through the demo feedback form here.

What file formats can I upload?

Click here to see our list of supported file formats.

What browsers/platforms does the demo support?

  • Windows – Chrome, Firefox
  • Linux – Chrom, Firefox
  • OSX – Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • iOS – Safari
  • Android – Chrome

Does this come with the HOOPS Web Platform?

No, this is a demo showing what is possible to build using the HOOPS Web Platform. We have all the necessary building blocks and expertise to help you build this application or one that meets your specific needs.

What is this web application built with?

This demo ( was built using the HOOPS Web Platform. The frontend UI comes from Sanna, a design firm that we partner with. The graphics are the web viewer from HOOPS Communicator . The conversion service of HOOPS Communicator, powered by HOOPS Exchange to read CAD data, is also hosted on an AWS elastic beanstalk server. This allows you to upload CAD files and view them.